Firstly, we're not here to smear our competitors. We just want to point out what we saw and where we made improvements along the way. For you!


  • We designed & hand-crafted our booth down to each nut & bolt. We also give you the option to customize the style of the booth.
  • We developed our own processes & ensured full control over each step to bring you the highest quality product humanly possible. 
  • We employ and train professional photographers and image editors to get the best shot possible, make sure the details are crisp and clear and the print came out just right for each & every guest.
  • We bring in professional STUDIO equipment so each shot should be like 500 bucks in a fancy studio.
  • We offer a range of options & rates so that you don't have to sacrifice anything for great photos!


  • Other booths are produced for purchase by larger companies and often posses little to no style of their own.
  • Again, some applications are purchased from companies with little to no customization or leave little to the imagination.
  • Although, an automated system with a camera can countdown, snap a few shots and print in a matter of minutes, they don't frame the photo, making sure everyone is in focus and looking great.
  • They might bring in some high tech gear, but it's set up to capture one scene & forgotten, not customized for every single shot.
  • Some booth companies give you one or two expensive packages that include a robot box & some ink. We're too classy for that.