Photo Booth

Our Piéce de Résitance - our specialty. We provide photo booths in a number of options and rates featuring either our open air backdrop or the fully enclosed booth. Both options feature a lush deep burgundy crush drape framed in a rustic dark wood. Each, almost completely customizable with tons of add-ons, bells & whistles. 

The most important aspect to our booth is the photographer & professional equipment used to create gorgeous photos every time. No more flat over or under exposed shots, headless friends or "I wasn't ready!" Let a professional step in and tell that machine to take a hike!

Prints for All

One of the things that sets us apart from other photographer-manned photo booths and automated booths, for that matter, are our one-of-a-kind prints, as many as your guests want in just seconds! One for each, one for you, another for your guest book. Each print is examined and cared for as if it were our baby. If you think about it, it sort of is. The best part is, they're made to fit your style. Single shots, classic photo strips, tiny squares, you name it, we'll try to do it! Or you can stick to our favorite 4x6 print with four full frame images. We can also include customized text and graphics to make each print match your perfect day.

Roaming Photos

This is how we got our start. It's hard to believe we may be better at something, but we'll let you be the judge. 

From wedding ceremonies to mitzvahs to the office party, our photojournalist style will delight by capturing just the right moment while making sure you get that great-looking snapshot with your friends too (we know how important current profile pics are). We're here to serve, but we totally do our best when we're working our candid cameras.