We feature a real-live-hand-operated photo booth for your events. 

We've taken everything you've come to love about that little automated photo booth in the corner and made it better-as best as we humanly could!

  • We made it bigger, so more of your friends can squeeze in.
  • We took out the robot and added a person. Someone you can actually talk to; a professional, trained photographer with some pretty good camera gear & snazzy lighting tricks that will make everything look as if you're paying hundreds of bucks at a studio.
  • We tossed in a skilled photo editor to work on-site to get that final product of yours on point every time.
  • And finally, once everything is perfect, we print the photos for you and your guests to take home in seconds.
  • Plus, add in another photographer and we'll roam around and document people being people just having some good 'ol fun.
  • Oh wait. Did we mention we'll give you a heck of a good price?