Well here we are

If you've just popped directly over to this page, you may have missed some key points about our booth and why we're pretty proud of ourselves. Well, we have this photo booth and we think we've made it the best ever. Here's why:

We scrapped the idea of dropping off a big clunky booth with some paper and a machine inside and went for the ole' human with a camera deal. Just imagine, ages ago, someone would train for years using this piece of equipment called a camera, making their own calibrated adjustments and learning how to capture things in just the right light and frame. We call those people photographers. The images they present inspire emotion and create tangible memories for a lifetime. We want to bring that back in this day of (sometimes excessive) automation and instant impersonal gratification. 

  • We built this thing ourselves. We thought up the design and have physically used our hands and some crude tools to saw, sew, stain & set up.
  • We even put together our own little system of getting the pictures from our camera to a printer and a touchscreen so you can view them & tag people on the spot.
  • Here's the real kicker--we're there, at your event, making it all happen and interacting with you and your guests.
  • Not only is there a photographer with high tech camera gear & studio lighting, you also get a photo editor making any necessary adjustments so you're photos are the best they can be.
  • We have multiple options to suit your event no matter how big or small your event or budget. We won't sacrifice quality for quantity. It makes us feel icky.
  • To be specific we have three styles of photo booth & three service options.
  • Speaking of options, we have TONS of extras that you can add on as well, like custom color curtains, a props chest, a photo album & guest signature book, custom graphics and more!